Chemboys Humidity Packets (60 grams / 5 Pack)


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Chemboys Humidity Packet

Precise 2-Way Humidity Control Packets
RH 30% – RH 90%



This product is suitable for use with recreational and medicinal herbs.


Product Features:

  • Naturally Balanced Humidity Control
  • Wide Application: 30% to 90% relative humidity (RH)
  • High Humidity Control Accuracy: ±3% at room temperature (68-77 °F).
  • Ease of Use: Our simple design makes operation easy. Just remove from factory sealed packaging and add the packet to the desired storage container. No further work required.


Product Usage:

  1. Place contents into a container for preservation.
  2. Add Chemboys humidity packets to the container.
  3. Seal the container for preservation of content.
  4. Replace Chemboys humidity packet after 2-3 months of use.
  5. Any unused packets should be resealed within the bag provided to preserve quality and freshness.
  6. Chemboys Humidity packets are single use and should be replaced after one period of usage.


What’s Inside?

Chemboys Humidity Packets are an eco-friendly, non-leaching product made with natural plant fibers.

Packet Size (grams)

40 Pack / 4g / 62%RH, 25 Pack / 8g / 62%RH, 5 Pack / 60g / 62%RH, 1 Pack / 320g / 62%RH


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